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Beautiful World Thailand | Furniture, Furniture Packs, Interior Design
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Thailand Furniture Packs, Wholesale Agents and Interior Design

Welcome to the new Beautiful World website, where our furniture can transform your house into a stylish, comfortable home.

Furniture packs and  interior design is at the forefront of our offerings with a wide range of collections aimed at giving your Western home a feel of the exotic. In Thailand we have beautiful showrooms In Phuket, Hua Hin, Ko Samui and  ko Phangan and would like to open further franchises in Bangkok,Pattaya, Krabi, Ko Chang and anywhere else in the World that wants and needs a Beautiful World store.

We have a well-established history as a successful wholesaler, supplying furniture packages through our production facilities located in various locations across Thailand and Indonesia, our new export office/show house in “Bali” being the latest addition to the group.

All of our Thailand and Indonesian furniture, and indeed all our furniture, is provided by tried and tested suppliers to ensure your orders are handled with the utmost professionalism. Customer care is at the forefront of our operations and our strong presence in the furniture industry is acquired from years of experience, buying a Beautiful World Furniture pack will not only add a little panache but will also likely allow a higher resale value on your home.

Our “Interior Design” page allows you to view our previous projects in all their beauty. Our Thailand furniture is ideal for bringing a touch of Asia into your home and we use only the finest materials to ensure that our furniture will embellish your home for years to come.

Check out our “Catalogue” page for all our latest furniture, with everything from funky love seats to traditional teak tables.

From the mysterious to the unique, we ensure all of our furniture is kind to the environment; for further information, please visit our “Environmental” page.

We can export to anywhere in the world be it a small independent furniture business or project owner or to large National chain stores..We have export offices in Bali, Indonesia and Chiangmai Thailand. Whatever your needs we can help you out...

* If you want to be part of our lucrative business, we also offer a finder’s fee for any new work that you bring our way.